Five Generations

Five Generations Exercise

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Flip a card to unveil a question.


Mobile Exercise

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Log in as "Student"

Step 3: Enter Access Code "169f246a"

Step 4: Answer Questions


Social Exercise

Step 1: Read the following scenario:

MTR is a 50-year-old multi-national public company with 40,000 employees headquartered in the U.S.

Historic business is automotive motors – a shrinking market; 5 years ago created a special projects team in a remote location to come up with growth products.

OctoDrone is the significant child of that project and recently received a global contract to deliver packages for a major online retailer.

Now that OctoDrone has a major global contract to fulfill, the team of 500 people who worked on product development will need the resources of the entire global workforce to fulfill the demanding contract.

Step 2: Choose one of the following challenges:

  • Challenge 1: Activist Attack

  • Challenge 2: Workforce Plan

  • Challenge 3: Brand Reputation

Step 3: Discuss in your group and devise a solution to your chosen challenge.

Step 4: Select a spokesperson to share challenge and proposed solution with all participants.


Gamification Exercise

Step 1: Join both hands with people in close proximity to you. Both hands must be in a game, but can be in different games.

Step 2: Play ‘massively multi-player thumb-wrestling’ (MMTW)

Step 3: Discuss emotions that occurred while either watching the Ted Talk video or while playing MMTW.

Challenge 1: Activist Attack

You arrive at work today to find out that activists from “No Drones Here” have launched a verbal attack on the MTR social networking and web sites. There are 2500 new comments on your Facebook page and 1800 comments on your web page. The person responsible for responding on the sites is two years out of university. You have a call with the CEO in 20 minutes to provide a recommendation on what to do. What will you recommend?

Challenge 2: Workforce Plan

The MTR workforce is located in 15 countries and over 50 locations. The MTR overall workforce has an average age of 49, while the Octo team’s average age is 27. You will need to support the new product globally. Should you keep the team together when the cultures are so different? The demands for instant support are very different for the new customer and will require a shift in culture. Will you integrate the team into the mainstream and what will you do to drive a culture shift?

Challenge 3: Brand Reputation

Now that you’ve solved the activist attack for the moment, you realize you need a more proactive branding strategy. Your hiring efforts at universities have lukewarm results, partially because you’re perceived as an old-fashioned company. You also want to be more active in driving the social media conversation to build brand awareness. What will you do to build your reputation with potential new customers? With the public? With potential employees? Who will you involve?